A Focus on the Future:

  • Providing quality education at an affordable price.

  • Creating jobs and careers that are in demand now and into the future through traditional education and a broadened focus on apprenticeship and certificate programs.

  • Improving Maricopa Community Colleges’ student success and career preparation by ensuring state-of-the-art technology is accessible to remain a vital part of the county’s economy.

  • Managing Maricopa Community Colleges’ finances conservatively while ensuring the system has its needed resources.

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About Roc

Roc Arnett is an Arizona native, and Mesa Community College Alumni. He lives in Northeast Mesa with his wife Sydney and has five grown children and twenty grandchildren.

Roc has thirty eight years experience brokering risk and insurance services to clients of a range of complexity including self-insured programs as well more traditional fully insured programs. In addition to insurance industry work, Roc has been active in the community, particularly in transportation and construction related areas of risk.

In 2003, Roc became President of the East Valley Partnership and directed a regional non-profit business coalition advocating for PHX East Valley primarily focused on Economic Development, Education, Transportation, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Area, and Arts issues.

In addition, the Partnership is also engaged in enhancing East Valley’s tourism, regional healthcare and behavioral health programs, tribal relations, and sponsoring a variety of important informational forums and activities. Roc reported to a Board of Directors comprised of the more than 50 key civic, government, business and educational leaders in the PHX East Valley.

For the past two years, Roc has consulted on transportation, education and economic development projects principally in the PHX East Valley.

Roc In the News: